Encampments set up by people experiencing homelessness around Denver’s Capitol Hill and the governor’s mansion appear to have grown in recent weeks, and on Thursday, Gov. Jared Polis said he would welcome their removal from state property.

At a news conference, Polis was asked about damage to the state Capitol and encampments displaying signs for Black Lives Matter and against police. He said the nuanced issue is different than criminal damage to property, but that state property in Denver is subject to the city’s rules about camping.

Polis wasn’t clear on the specifics of Denver’s policies, saying he doesn’t follow Denver politics, but that he’s urged the mayor and City Council to act for weeks.

“They are welcome to come onto our property and remove tents,” Polis said, adding that law enforcement is not only welcome but encouraged to do so.

Denver has an urban camping ban in place, but it’s still being argued in the courts. City officials believe the ban is legal, so they are continuing to enforce it through controversial “cleanups,” more commonly known as sweeps.