Coloradans in Congress from both political parties applauded President Joe Biden’s plan to withdraw all American troops from Afghanistan by mid-September and end America’s longest war.

“We cannot continue to spend billions of dollars there and send our men and women there in perpetuity,” said Rep. Jason Crow, an Aurora Democrat who served in Afghanistan as an Army Ranger.

About 2,300 Americans have died in the war, according to Defense Department estimates, including 38 Coloradans. The first was Sgt. Daniel Romero, a 30-year-old from Lafayette, in a rocket explosion near Kandahar in 2002. The most recent was Sgt. Will Lindsay, a 33-year-old from Cortez, during a firefight in Kunduz Province in 2019.

Crow said he is concerned that the Biden administration’s plans to withdraw the remaining 2,500 troops by Sept. 11 – as first reported by The Associated Press – is not contingent on the Taliban complying with a power-sharing agreement with the Afghan government.

“I’m worried about a situation where there’s a very rapid fall of the Afghan government and all of the things we sacrificed for and all the progresses we have made get wiped away,” Crow said.

Rep. Ken Buck, a Windsor Republican, has become an outspoken critic of the war. In an unlikely partnership, Buck teamed with California Democratic Rep. Barbara Lee in March to tell Biden that troops should leave Afghanistan by May 1.