State Sen. Rob Woodward apologized on the Senator floor Monday for referring to “colored people” and complaining that a bill would “step on the neck” of Coloradans.

Woodward, a Loveland Republican, said he uttered the words “colored people” on the Senate floor Saturday only because they had been incorrectly written by a Senate staffer into a transcript of floor proceedings that day.

“They are not words I’ve ever used before. In a split second, I plowed through and read what was on the paper in front of me,” he said.

He added that he was wrong to say a bill would “step on the neck” of anyone given that George Floyd just died in Minneapolis when an officer stepped on his neck.

“I realized mid-sentence that I was about to say something that was too raw,” Woodward said. “In my mind, I stopped before I’d finished that phrase. As I watched video this weekend, I saw that my mouth was faster than my brain. You saw me stumble to stop and say something else. But I clearly uttered the phrase.”

His statement concluded, “I will work to do a better job. If I screw up, call me on it. Help me learn and understand. I’ll do my best to grant you the same grace.”